Über Cold Cocained Heart

"Love is never without pain, said the hare and hugged the hedgehog."

We have to experience both in order to recognize the one.
To feel it even more intensely.
I love opposites, they can wonderfully underline something special.
That's exactly what I want to express in my jackets.
Our many stories, our joy as well as our melancholy,
our hope and our faith.

I want to create your favorite piece for you.
And just as we are all unique, so are my jackets,
because I mainly make one-offs.

A lot flows into my designs, especially emotions,
that I perceive during my many journeys through this world.
Sometimes it's just small nuances that trigger a new idea.
Or your own experience that led to a new level of development.
It is not always tangible what inspires me, like mystical beings.

I particularly like to use religious motifs from different cultures,
a very special energy emanates from them.
A universal language that everyone understands.
Or by depicting our own divinity.
Our body is our temple.
COLD COCAINED HEART pays attention to sustainability,
by mainly working with vintage jackets and vintage fabrics.

You won't find fur here either.
Leather only if it's a vintage item.

In addition to my own designs, it is possible to submit your own ideas for your unique piece.
I will realize it for you in my style if possible.
Just write us an email.

I want to make our world a little more colorful, a little more beautiful.

Our little GANG!