"HOLY MARY " Mantel ( M)

Größe: M

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True Vintage specials by ccheart

I am UNIKAT :)

Vintage Faux Mantel in Gr. M

Marian motif on the back, borders on the sleeves and pockets.

The inner lining is also decorated with a Marian motif.

Our True Vintage Specials are based on jackets from the past. Garments whose heydays are over - upcycling means upgrading old and used things. Our True Vintage Specials are hand-decorated with oriental fabrics and appliqués. Here, too, we are happy to respond to the wishes and preferences of our customers. High-quality materials and loving details make these jackets your new favorite piece and guarantee an individual look.

Are you looking for your very own unique piece? We are happy to create your individual favorite piece by hand and according to your personal wishes. We'd love for you to contact us and share your ideas with us.

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product features
Vintage jacket with applications in size M

True Vintage specials by ccheart


I want to create your favorite piece for you.
And just as we are all unique, so are my jackets, as I mainly make one-offs.